Sunday, March 28, 2010

Good Medicine Way, pt. 1

"Do you really think that You can be satisfied with your life if you spend the most important hours of the next Forty Years away from your family, your home, and your personal self? Do you really believe that the benefits gained from selling your time to others are worth more than that time itself? Do you have to earn money so that yu can pay others to do for you those things which you haven't the time to do yourself because you are busy earning money?
Decide Now that you want to have more time to experience the many natural aspects of true life. Set your mind to it. Save your money and buy a piece of land somewhere where the only thing between the Earth and Universe is You. Grow some crops. Raise some chickens and goats. Go to town occasionally for your supplies. Stop wondering about the ingredients of a bowl of soup -- produce the ingrediants yourself. Stop worrying about the tase of water -- obtain that water yourself. Stop wondering what's inside the walls of your house -- put up those walls yourself.
You owe it to your Life and the Life of your family to consider the alternatives to acting as a cog in the world of machanization. Don't let the intricacies of mechanical wonders amaze you into accepting them blindly as substitutes for processes of Life over which you should have direct knowledge..."

Adolf Hungry Wolf, 1970