Monday, June 28, 2010

Highland Scout Camp Photo gallery - too rad

See what you could be learning/doing this summer!  It's not too late to sign up for week 4 (July 12th), or Sail Camp.  Take hold of your future and invest in sustainable, positive living, close to the Earth and grounded in solid skills.

Pictures include; tipi, teambuilding, tool use, spring water acquisition, knife safety, ant larvae - rainbows, deadfall traps, appalachian historical tools, wood splitting, knots theory/application, wet weather navigation, applied knots/shelters, fire skills, edible mushrooms, primitive shelters, stalking, edible and medicinal plants, mushrooms, group photo, lunch! tang soo do/martial arts belt test for LOTS students
lashings, mantrapping introduction, river safety, swimming, beautiful closing day photo

shurikenjutsu CQB, groundfighting, knife sharpening, forging the forge, Trip to the river, cold water immersion, yellow root, medicinal plants, sling, fireXfriction wood score, homemade pizza! Stalking technique, silent movement, stairs, rooftop, tipi night life, internal martial... arts with J. McGee, knots,spring water, wolf track, group photo (hiding), deer forage/tracks, mating caterpillars, ant lion, on top of the world, Wild edibles, scavenged lenses, spearfishing, flint/steel fires and charcloth making, taijutsu, memory drills of the ninja, shelters that work and what in the world is that, beautiful nature photos, edible trees (June) - Crayfish ramen noodles, fire cooking, group stalk, waterfalls, irie meditation positive, wild medicines tea, finish the forge / first fire, shooting range