Wednesday, August 11, 2010

By the Numbers

AWESOME website numbers for LOTSWild;

The website was started in 2006, since then we have received 1,044,561 server requests, accessed by 73,000 distinct hosts worldwide. Daily hits are averaging 5,000-7,000 with a spike on July 4th at over 12,000!

The youtube channel has had 58,878 videos watched, 460...0 actual channel views, and currently has 151 subscribers. That means someone has selected one of our custom vids on martial arts/wilderness skills/sailing over 58,000 times! And I don't even discuss makeup or have car crash footage on there :P

What's it mean? word spreads so does the opportunity to get folks in the mud, the grass, the water, the trees, and the Sun. The more they do that, the more they appreciate our world, the less likely they are to let it die around them, and the more capable they are during times of need for themselves and those around them. Thank you for playing a part.