Wednesday, August 18, 2010

a few of the things you will learn at course BOW-110

Solo Bowhunting Comprehensive; three days of awesome personal instruction and time alone in the wilds of southern Appalachia.  Class limited to 10 students, space is already limited, see schedule for more info.

Here are a FEW of the things we will cover -
In addition to practicing on our shoot and move archery range we will study
history, selecting the right bow, arrow selection, primitive arrow construction, tactics, sensory inversion, quartering stalk, ambush, memory exercises, tracking, leapfrogging, terrain appraisal, satellite imagery resources, modern gadgets, topographic interpretation, game resource location, weather effect on deer movement and senses, stalking techniques, scent control, simple camo, 3D camo, tree stand vs. stalk hunt vs. still hunt, ethics and philosophy, anatomy, targeting, preservation of food sources including drying, smoking, freezing, state and federal game laws, licensing, legal bow weights, and more.

This class is not offered in this format any other time of the year, sign up by emailing or calling 828-280-0847 for details.  Dates on schedule page.
Just to get you started, here's a great video of solo bowhunting just off of base camp last year;