Monday, September 13, 2010


"As to the toughness of individual coyotes, I'm reminded of individual animals that I've watched or taken.
One was a three-legged coyote that lived in the area around my house.  The right front leg of that coyote was completely gone, right at the shoulder.  Whether a wolf got it or the animal was attacked by another coyote, whether it was trapped or its leg was lost in a car collision, I don't really know.
During the summer, when I'd see that coyote and its hair was short, I could see where the tip of the bone was sticking out of the shoulder about two inches, covered over with skin or callous or something.  In winter, long hair would cover the spot.
This three leged coyote traveled through our country for quite a while.  One day, I was watching that coyote and another four legged coyote hunt rock chucks-marmots-together.  The three legged coyote was the decoy.  It kept the attention of the chucks.  The four legged coyote would then sneak in and make the kill.  They were hunting as a team.  And when the kill was made, the four legged coyote ran off and the three legged coyote joined him.  The fed on the rock chuck together."
                     -Laubach, Griswold, Henckel The Coyote Hunter, 2000