Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Sample Class from SC2011

What do you get when you mix an award winning educator with a backwoods wanderer?  LOTSWild scout camp classes!  An outstanding feature of our school is the thought and planning behind lesson plans for the classes that make up half of our daily summer schedule.  Lessons are constructed to reach a spectrum of learners and include broad considerations, detailed learning, applications, practice, review and student experience.
Our basic Weather class, offered in SCI, includes the following components.
*types of weather and considerations for outdoor pursuits
*hazards and opportunities, such as how weather affects hunting, fishing, human psychology, and how the environment changes its resource base
*pressure and wind, fronts and systems; how wind directions predict patterns
*cloud types and likely weather to follow
*mountaineer forecasting; bees, halos, ants, leaves, pine cones, animals, wind, arthritis
*lessons from the Sailor on weather
*affects of weather on observation, photography, and escape methods

It is our hope that students who graduate our programs become skilled at recognizing various weather events before they arrive, allowing proper planning for travel and shelter, resource acquisition, fun and safety!  SCII (advanced) students apply their knowledge in long term, real-time ways on the wildernes landscape.  Contact us for information on available spaces for classes.