Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Hart's Square this month!

Hart's Square, the nation's largest living history festival featuring frontier and 1800's Appalachian culture, will be held this month on Oct 22nd. Over 275 presenters, including yours truly, will be offering recreated skills and crafts on a campus with 60 reconstructed historical cabins. I am located in the Cherokee area/native lore, with a bark house - a popular attraction for many years! $25 tickets go to the Hart's Square Foundation and are available here

Tickets are usually sold out and limited to 3,000. I WILL TAKE ONE HELPER for FREE!!!! Your duties will include helping me unload a small amount of gear, taking some photos, and otherwise exploring the event on your own, perhaps with a radio in case I need you :D Awesome chance - we'll leave early like 6am or something and return early afternoon as I have a gig that day :O MSG me!!!