Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Motorcycle Rental - Blue ridge parkway, WNC, Asheville, Waynesville

Book an afternoon ride from our base camp in Cruso, NC.  Choose cruise or sport tourer and get loaded for whatever activities you choose.  A dry garage complete with coffee maker and stereo, high speed WiFi,  and outdoor restroom give you a place to focus on your ride or reflect when you return.  Prices starting at only $50, valid motorcycle permit required.

From our road there are no stoplights between you and highway 276, the blue ridge parkway, and the famous highway 215.  Long arcing curves and slower tight twists combined with magnificent views (such as the one in our logo above) mean an unforgettable gift to yourself or someone else who rides.  Why bring your bike to the mountains; you already have one waiting.

Contact Spencer at lotswilderness@gmail.com or call 828-280-0847