Friday, March 23, 2012

Intuition and the Warrior

In a move that seems to validate over 5,000 years of traditional martial arts training the U.S. Military is seeking to better understand the role of intuition in a combat environment.
More than simply staring at goats (LOL), evidence is mounting (gasp) that some soldiers have an increased ability to draw on sub-conscious information to act before the mind realizes the tactical need. In taijutsu this training is approached not only through an exercise called Sakki-jutsu, or the blind sword evasion, but is encouraged through the open and happy acceptance of all potential sensory input and the belief that we have the ability to feel more than we often give ourselves credit for. In wilderness skills we apply gut feelings to tracking, resource acquisition, and in so doing open ourselves to a rich abundance in the forest that is often missed by focused "hikers" or "survivalists". In my opinion grattitude and appreciation of beauty are powerful indicators and attractors of 'synchronicity'. For a recent publication on the subject of intution and combat check out; The Intuitive Warrior, by SEAL M. Jaco Thanks Chuck Blackburn and Ed Martin for helping us to keep our eyes and minds OPEN!