Friday, May 4, 2012

Scout Camp Information

Our summer programs are in full registration mode; I recommend every one of the themed weeks as an excellent supplement to regular dojo training of any martial arts style, as well as a deep enrichment of natural learning and peer interaction.  Students explore the land that director Spencer Bolejack has been guiding groups in for decades; sensing, feeling, smelling, touching, tasting plants and trees native to our home!  Night time games and skill classes, real archery (not like some summer programs), blacksmithing, and returning this year a HORSE component for those interested in equine related classes including horse archery and general care of these fine animals.  What's it like to learn about the woods from someone who called those woods home for three years?  Find out!  What's it like to learn from grandmaster martial arts instructors, legends who pass on traditions and training from Hwang Kee, Bruce Lee, Inosanto, and a variety of systems designed for your age and experience level?  Find out!

Contact us at 828-280-0847 if you are interested, registration may be emailed but deposits must be received by May 21st to reserve camp positions.  Some camps are already half full (we limit all camps to 10 students).