Thursday, May 24, 2012

Upcoming Events, June 2012

Scout Camp gets rolling with it's first week June 4th and another on June 11th; get the most out of the wilderness classroom from teachers who have lived there - featuring authentic learning from bear claw carriers, passing the tradition of a cherokee warrior society one yonah nugali at a time.

Also, this weekend (Sunday) at 4pm Spencer will be offering an introduction to knots and rope work for wilderness wayfinding followed by a ninjutsu demonstration and presentation by Sean Kennedy and members of Kasumi Yama Bujinkan Dojo.

June1-3 we will be conducting the semi-annual Mountain Warrior Weekend, with Sean and Spencer, delving into intuition and gut instincts for survival.  Spencer will be teaching Saturday pm and Sunday am on ropework, knots, and applications for camp craft, tools, weapons, and defensive techniques.  If you are going to learn knots, why KNOT learn from a sailor/ninja/boy scout? :D

June 15th Shihan Anthony Lucas will be visiting from New York offering his unique and experienced perspective on Ninjutsu and the unarmed artform of Taijutsu.  Visit for registration info on that seminar.  Thanks, see you soon.