Thursday, August 2, 2012

Best Of WNC nominations...

Dear Friends,

Well, it’s time for the Mountain Express “Best of WNC” nomination! If you would like to support us and other local businesses PLEASE take a few minutes to cast your vote!!! Below are some recommendations of friends and plenty of self-promotion as well :D There are many categories. Additionally, I have multiple friends that fit into the categories – don’t be offended if I recommend someone in your line of work, it doesn’t necessarily mean they are better! Often times they have supported our business or related charities in some way or were just first to come to mind. If you really want to support a particular person or business share the survey link with friends and get the word out. This is a way for small operations with a limited advertising budget to get seen and heard. Thanks SO MUCH.

Local Actor – Spencer Bolejack woohoo! (hillbilly blood,. Golden blade I, II, and III)
Local Filmmaker – TJ Wiedow (golden blade series) Moss Herbstien
Local Jazz Band – Current Invention with Daniel Barber (I drum for them)
Local R&B band – Kat Williams Experience (drum for her/them)
Brunch – azalea café (supported Celebrating Sarah with fundraiser donations)
Outdoor Adventure Company – Land of the Sky Wilderness School (um, my school!)
Health and Wellness Center - Appalachian School of Holistic Herbalism (ASHH) (Ceara supported Sarah with fundraisers and many client speak highly of her programs and courses)
Martial Arts Studio – Land of the Sky Martial Arts
Massage Therapist – Stephen Opper long time supporter of programs and great friend
Yoga Instructor – Diana McCall (martial arts momma and truffle master)
Acupuncture – Mary Houge (Acu Na Wellness, on our Jamaica trip)
Clothing – Royal Peasantry (Danielle Miller scout/ninja camp parent)

Google the topic for any other ideas on other categories, ________ (topic) Asheville NC