Sunday, January 27, 2013

Lost History

I was saddened to discover an old house my family lived in for a few years has been demolished as the developments continue to grow along Social Row Road in southwestern Ohio. We were there for my 2-5th grade years after leaving NC for a work opportunity for my dad - we had over 60 acres and a farmhouse with streams and fields. I grew up thinking every kid shot guns and rode four wheelers, camped out, and explored old forests. The home was built in 1803 and as a verified stop on the Underground Railroad no doubt had a formative effect on my interest in stealth/evasion, mistrust of various controlling entities, and sympathy for any person held in oppression. Many years ago I wrote a song about that house and have sold quite a few copies - here it is, complete with an aerial photo of the farm we took on a plane ride once. There are some great people up in that area, hope to visit again soon.