Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Skills Training, Fun, and Friends - Firefly Gathering 2013!

FIREFLY THIS WEEK: Hello friends, the firefly gathering is upon us, I am no where near packed (I plan on going in style this year complete with solar power, multiple covered teaching area and a motorcycle) woohoo.....

it's not too late to get your tickets to one day or the whole thing, and the schedule is AMAZING.  I will be teaching the following classes; Stick Jiu Jutsu parts 1 and 2 (Thursday am and pm) - learn strikes, locks, parries, chokes, escapes with a variety of stick lengths.  Cherokee Knife throwing - not much to say there, Trapping (the big picture) - a look at trapping from a global perspective, meaning, psychology, behavior, weather, mantrapping, vehicles, animals, noise alarms, trigger systems, strikers, national maneuvering, and animals that display trapping prowess.  Also Solo Whitetail Bow Hunting, offered twice - mostly a discussion with resources, techniques and strategy, stories, and some fun drills for awareness.  Lastly a kids Ninja class that will not only include physical training and some self defense, but also improvisational acting and 'being in character' as well.

Read about the other AWESOME classes and teachers, AND reserve tickets at this link;