Monday, August 5, 2013


Welcome to the last and final camp session of 2013. Our small group will be covering an array of fascinating studies; strength training, stretching, diet and wellness, kicking from tang so do, trapping from jeet kune do, grappling and submission from Jiu Jutsu, stick strikes locks and chokes, pain compliance and environmental weapons, situational defense (cars, closet/elevator space, ground, stairs), balance games, tracking/stealth, cold water endurance (lactic acid purging), anatomy, firearm skills, sword (filipino and Japanese), kung fu two man set (kenpo), spears, medicinal and edible plants for bruising and muscle fatigue, precision drills, blindfolded training, disarms, and daily instruction from grandmaster level teacher. Our unique compilation this week brings in contact lineage from such forward thinkers as Ip Man, Bruce Lee, Hwang Kee, David German, Pedro Chan (Chinese medicine), Ed Hasty (koizumi sword), Wei Doo (white tiger kung fu), Chuck Blackburn, Ed Parker, Dan Inosanto, Rajneesh, Hatsumi and Ed Martin, Moti Nativ, Cherokee Scouts, and more. Techniques and knowledge are designed to be universal for your own style and background; don't look for cult like religious worship of dead guys here, just constant training and honesty, humility, and fellowship in martial art.