Sunday, October 6, 2013

I don't understand! How could such a considerate fellow be against Health Care?

Well, here's a response and my official article on the issue. Visit and read what CNN doesn't want you to hear, what George Soros fears more than aything in the world, and what common dreams will not debate. A free man's response to the health care debate, below:
OK, time for my piece I suppose. As it turns out I wrote a short article that sums up nicely my opinion and considerations of the issue and will post it below.

First of all, I hear those concerns folks have. My family, when I was teaching, was exactly in that category. Health insurance for my wife and kid was over $500 month, and when we cleared (after taxes) little over $2,000 / month that was simply impossible, so we had none. We couldn't get aid except in emergencies, last minute, and we couldn't afford the insurance. So why would I NOT be for this government driven reform. Follow closely, please...

I have certain principles, and suicidal as they may be, I believe in these principles even to the detriment of my own ability to see a hospital doctor, if so be it. These principles include the right to a sort of privacy, the right to disagree with my government, the right and ability to ask questions, the right to bear arms to protect my family, home, and country, I believe in the right to my own religion or none at all. What does this have to do with health care? Everything.

You see, health care is the perfect in-road. It is an emotional plea, it tugs on our tender heart, it plays on our fears, and is the perfect way to contract into someones most personal life all the while appearing like a hero. In my opinion, the elitist controllers who relish power have tried and tried to find ways into governing our every day lives to the most intimate detail, but they have thus far failed because the American people value many of those same things I do - from all political stripes!

I see Health Care as a trojan horse. Yes, the 'government' pays for the new health care, but who is that? It is us, so taxes and fees increase, and the beauracracy grows and grows.

Where do the congress folk go for health care? NOT the unversal system being proposed, no, they would still have the the high class personal system that we all enjoy today. So there, immediately, there is a classification between the rulers/elites health care and the common people. But it doesn't end there. Do you eat certain foods, what activities do you engage in? The government will now have a reason to find out, and charge accordingly, or administer care accordingly to behavior that is within the acceptable bounds for risk and liability. Remember, our government is about bankrupt, they will absolutely find ways to limit expensive care. Have a gun? Your risk increases of, whatever, so different care for you. Like skateboarding, skiing, all sorts of activities can be used to engineer the behavior of the masses because of their fear and need to be 'taken care of'. This behavioral engineering and allocating of scarce medical resources may very well, and reasonably, become a political control tool - if it has not already done so to some degree.

I do not have a need 'to be taken care of' by my government, other than what basic things are necessary for food and environment safety/preservation, national defense, emergency preparedness, and other things civilization requires.

Remember when the 'church' in the middle ages was the sole source of medical treatment? People who healed and administered herbs outside the system were branded - you got it, witches! Already doctors and folks who are resisting this centralization of health care are being branded and demonized, it's in the administration propaganda as well as the news outlets that already have a stake in the new system of things.

So yes, I may have to deal with a broken leg, but I would rather have a broken leg and be free, than go through lines and procedure and red tape and forms and mindless robots at a central health department, have a fixed leg, and lose what generations of Americans have fought and died for - Freedom.

What we are witnessing is simply an attack on American's soft emotional state, combined with some level of fear, to find an in road to the bastion of liberty that is the American constitutional system, the Republic.

We are tempted to fall for it because we have been conditioned by our teachers and our media, and we do not appreciate, nor are we willing to stand for those bygone things which meant everything to our predecessors.

Health care reform? Yes. Lawsuits. Insurance fraud. Cost control. Access. Common sense. But handing over what would then be 60% of the entire US economy to a government which NO ONE in their right mind, with respect to history, should trust - no thanks.