Monday, December 16, 2013

Give a gift that keeps on giving! LOTSWild 2014!!!!

Looking for ONE FINAL AWESOME hands down BEST most unique and EDUCATIONAL adventurous STORYMAKING christmas present? Know someone between ages 8-17, or even an adult? Consider a summer camp session with Spencer 2 Dogs on Cold Mountain, NC. Our program, Land of the Sky Wilderness School, is celebrating its 11th year and is unlike any other gift you could give. For $350 per session you can choose from an amazing 2014 line up including; Blacksmith Camp, Scout Camp, Ninja Camp, Sail Camp, Photography and Acting Camp, and more.

Reservations may be made over the phone at 828-280-0847, or via email (paypal) for a small fee. The unique gift of a camp session comes with a signed color photo, and Eugene has been known to show up and teach ultimate survival secrets as well.

For more information please visit our website and take a look at photo galleries, or look at the incredible activity list. In addition, many of the things done in the show are discussed with life lessons taken out for ease of learning. There's nothing else like it anywhere!