Saturday, November 7, 2015

To Russia

Deepest condolences from LOTSWild to the families who lost friends and loved ones on the airliner over Sinai.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Ninja Camp

is on!

See you at 9am.  All your gear will be confiscated.  You will have to earn it back piece by painful piece.  Mistakes will be costly!


Thursday, May 28, 2015

Heritage Life Skills Festival this weekend

This weekend I will be teaching at the HUGE local educational festival known as Heritage Life Skills in Haywood County.  All sorts of awesome stuff, speakers, demonstrations, survival and wilderness skills as well as mountain folks knowledge and historical stuff Friday Saturday and Sunday.  My classes will include trapping for wilderness survival and shelters in the field. 

check out what else is happening at the link below-

Thursday, April 30, 2015


Early registration passes May 1st, but for 400 and some change LOTSWild is still the best bang for your buck in Western North Carolina!  Camps open and accepting students now.  Father Son camp in June is a powerful investment for the men of your family - make it happen NOW

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Happy Earth Day from Land of the Sky Wilderness School

"But love of the wilderness is more than a hunger for what is always beyond reach; it is also an expression of loyalty to the earth which bore us and sustains us, the only home we shall ever know, the only paradise we ever need - if only we had eyes to see." - Edward Abbey

this picture portrays trackable-sized objects in low earth orbit

Friday, April 10, 2015

Earth Skills Gathering website is rocking

 way to go Grant - see you out there!

for information on regional schools, gatherings, educational events, learning opportunities and more all related to natural living, permaculture, survival, appalachian folks knowledge, herbs, plants, native teachings and more check out------

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Chai Tea!

An interesting overview for those interested in the terms mentioned.  Qi Gong, regardless of what someone believes about "Qi", is a nice warm up, reduces stress, helps us breathe deeper and more naturally.  It is a regular part of practice in our classes with no need for extraneous validation; it is what it is and does what it does!  Our lineage includes white crane tai chi and da dao chan qi gong. Even the hard style of Tang Soo Do has Nei Gun, or inner strength forms.  Many other arts have similar warmup involving breathing and gentle movement.  These practices seem to grow more important in time, with age, and injury.

Friday, March 27, 2015

I feel safer now

I'm sorry folks but the entire graveyard fields area closed, and entire shining rock wilderness closed without commercial production grade bear proof camping gear, due to 'bear activity', with a $5-10,000 fine is TOTAL hogspit!  Now it just so happens that some of us camp like we are being chased by the VC so it doesn't really matter anyway, but in case you didn't know bears didn't just start breeding last week.  They've always gotten into food, hence the term bear bag.  I've ran into so many, and unless you've got baby bear in a choke hold they are ridiculously mellow creatures.  I've pushed it a few times, Bear couldn't care.  He hangs with the Honey Badger in that regard.  Add to that my mom, in Oakley, is covered up in bears every week and nothing is shut down there (of course), and I just gotta say - the park service must have been taken over by Real Professional Outdoors folks. 

Friday, March 13, 2015

WNCParent; Camp Expo 2015 tomorrow - Saturday!

Stop by, visit, ask questions, see pictures, handle manipulatives from camp at the WNC Parent Magazine camp expo tomorrow, Saturday March 14.  We will be at a booth from 11am-3pm at the WNC Ag Center off of Airport Road in Fletcher, NC.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The World is Deceit; strategy, tactics and a touch of Arab history

          One of the great advantages to studying war strategy is recognizing when strategy is being acted upon you.  In martial arts shallow students pretend that everything is as it seems - that noble men or women contend for victory and that there is honor.  The study of deceit can seem counter to the principles we hope to instill in our youth and young students, and yet, deceit is the nature of combat.  Deceit is the nature of war.  No, in fact, deceit is the world.  When we delve into the world of deceit as a study it does not necessarily mean when are preparing to deceive but can instead be an opportunity to prevent being deceived ourselves.  The world is deceit.
          When was the last time a soft drink advertisement boasted an increase in dental work needs?  Do men reveal all of their qualities on the first date?  “Yes my dear, I wear socks all morning with my underwear and I hate to clean dishes, and by the way I was caught cheating in my last 3 relationships.”  Short term money lenders offer assistance to the burdened bill payer and in some Universe mortgages seem like a sensible thing.  Gasolines magically clean your engines because a picture of a chemist hangs over the pump and bio-fuels are going to help the world because they come from a plant.  Politicians are concerned for your wellbeing in general and that toy advertised on Saturday morning really will help your kids fly.  Deceit.
          And who is to blame for the results; the person deceiving or the person being deceived?  It is our nature.  It is nature.  The quicker we can get past our programmed predisposition to ignore its existence and the less we hold ourselves responsible  for creating it by simply seeing it, the quicker we can get to reality and destroying the illusion.  We fear deceit.  It is the calling card of Lucifer.  And yet we use it.  The only way for weak to overcome the strong within the natural or created world is through deceit.  In spiritual realms I am of the opinion that brokenness and weakness is the path to power but that power is not of this material world.  The world itself is deceit. Beauty.  Self- perception.  Gold at the rainbow’s end.  Time.
          And combat is of this world.  Martial arts are of this world.  Decisions made in segments of time immeasurably small happen and a contender gains the advantage.  Feints, footwork, eyes, mere intentions lead to an improper defense and an opening arises.  On the street deceit is the name of the game.  Offers to help with carrying groceries, a kind stranger following someone home, a pleasant chap offering a drink, a crippled man with a limp, hidden weapons – hidden intentions.  Baseball caps with lead packed in the rim, polymer knives that evade detection, body language trained through practice, stun guns disguised as cell phones  -  and before anyone feels slightly discomforted by the discussion I will say: this is the small time stuff.  12 year olds have figured out more complex trickery than this.  But how is it that the wise parent recognizes the tricks?  Because they have seen them.  They have done them!  They are somehow schooled in deceit.  They know the consequences as well.  The parent with their head in the clouds can be naïve to the point of stupidity, and stupid to the point of negligence.  And negligent to the point that through poor guidance and lack of awareness great damage can come to those they are supposed to lead, protect, and raise up in wisdom.  Can we learn without having to go through the consequences ourselves or compromise who we are?  Of course it’s called history.  Learning history is possibly the most important subject in school for developing critical thinking and social awareness skills – it is no coincidence that it is placed at the bottom of the priorities in most modern public schools.
          Studying history is studying deceit between humans.  Studying nature is studying deceit in the animal world.  Feathers disguise, flesh hides, the benign appears dangerous and the dangerous invisible.  Ah! Nature is not immune to the world of deceit.  Trickery leads to success which leads to continued survival – deceit can be survival.  This is why ninjutsu is a worthy art.  Far from the black outfits of dark corners, smoke bombs in cartoon drawings, ninjutsu is, in addition to martial technique, an examination of human motivations, psychology, habits, fears and desires.  It is more than walking techniques to disguise one’s presence, and it is more than herbs that mask scent that dogs use to track us.  It is far more than using rain to cover movements and more than dressing as a different character and learning different gaits.  Much more!  In fact it is seeing as much as possible in a given situation and it is the study of deceit.  Even greater it is recognizing that such exists in the world and yet there is a place for joy, contentment, and an eager curious heart that remains hopeful and full of idealism.  Ninjutsu is being an idealist without the negligence of stupidity.
                Wise men have walked on the Earth for many years, far longer than us and far wiser.  These things have been pondered to such as extent that we can hardly scratch the surface.  We merely note that there is a surface.  But gaze into the deep!  Ancient civilizations and sages have fully exposed the potential of deceit and put it to great use.  By now it is an art quite refined.  It is in your home, your cherished monuments, your idols and your entertainment.  Al Jabr, an Arabic term, means STRATEGY.  You may know it by something more common; Algebra.  But Al Jabr encompasses the full scope of human workings and the role of deception in achieving ones objectives.  Taqiya, used by soldiers of the Islamic war force from ancient times means the art of disguise and is an important aspect of one’s overall strategy.  Kasafat in literal meaning is ‘eclipsed’, but refers to the study of stealth.  Do not be impressed with stealth as a camouflage or sniper in a ghillie suit.  Kasafat is a level of stealth that we read about in books, and it runs the world.   This stealth infiltrates families, governments and corporations.  It is long in patience and suffers immensely for success.  It is sacrificial and is the very thing that so charged a word that the word strikes fear to this day and is the very meaning of ill intent in our own language – assassin.  While assassination may seem to be some end-all of great stealth, disguise, and strategy, it is of course a lower level option if the greater forces fail.  To vanquish an enemy without his knowledge is a much greater Al Jabr.  To fix the sights of generation after generation on the skills of a single warrior, a shooter, a swordsman, a killer - is nothing more than a strategy of disarmament.
                From an individual match we can see a warrior aim high and then shoot low, push and then pull, and use an opponent’s incorrect response as the source of power in his defeat.  An army drawn hastily into battle beyond means of support can be cut off and overwhelmed.  Likewise a nation drawn into political alliances, debt beyond hopes of balance, and a lifestyle dependent on consumption beyond sustainability can be put into compromise by a weaker force.  This concept is an Arab term often used to denote an ambush, an-najash,  literally means ‘drawing out’ – a similar concept to the Chinese phrase “to draw the tiger out from the mountain”.  The tiger will not leave the defenses of home unless it is deceived by a bait worthy of the risk.  Some scholars have translated Muhammed’s summation of war as simply: War is stratagem - الحرب هو "الجبرا كابيتال  - Al Jabr. 

           People sometimes ask what martial arts I study.  My answer varies depending on mood.  Inevitably I answer ninjutsu; a willingness on my part to deal with the smirks and laughter, raised eyebrows, the connotations of delusional grandeur.  I like to open the door to discussing the art of perseverance, what it means and what it is, what it can be.  Often times in a moment of arrogance the martial artist will give reasons why his or her art is the greatest and why I should be quick to come join their ranks.  Often they make a strong case; and that is how I have come to be a student of many styles and learn from people from all over.  My favorite cases are the ones I can see and feel for truth is self-evident.  But there is a question I always ask, another thing which also elevates an art for combat.  Some call it sensitivity, some call it awareness.  Some call it preparation or due diligence.  The soldierly minded might use the term ‘tactical’, or ‘counter’.  The question I always ask, even if only to myself as I observe a full spectrum system; something I see in the practitioners as they meet force and parry, slip and trick and lead into a pinning move; an ability to politely lock out a truly determined aggressor; the question I always ask is – how do you address deceit?  Without it there is no strategy, and tactics are an idol of the pompous.  Or in the truest words of Sun Tzu, “Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat”.
          Be aware my friends.  Be noble, and be true.  Find honor and build trust.  Discover respect and teach character.  But never forget deceit is all around.  The world is deceit.  And deceit wins battles, wars, nations, and continents.  Only with this understanding can we begin to see what is going on around us, if that only means realizing that what we see is an illusion!

He thwarts the plans of the crafty, so that their hands achieve no success” – Job 5:12

Spencer Bolejack operates Land of the Sky Wilderness School and Full Spectrum Tactical in western North Carolina.  For more information visit or


Tuesday, February 17, 2015


No class on inclement weather school closure days! See you Thursday. Please enjoy the workout space with adult supervision and workout on your own. No free fighting unless assistant instructor present. Thank you.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

České přátele

V pořádku! Dobře, že některé české lidi návštěvě. Vypadá to, že můžeme mít trochu učit děje ve vaší zemi velmi brzy.  2015

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

The Tao of Martial Arts. And Coffee.

The Tao of Martial Arts.  And Coffee.

                Have you ever seen a real pro coffee drinker?  Someone who can four wheel drive, dodge traffic, park, shift, pass, and occasionally jump small import cars while holding a cup – not a drop spilling onto the console or their pants?  This is a remarkable thing to witness and an art I am starting to achieve some small level of skill in.  The expert grasps the cup not too hard, not too soft.  They give and sway with motions cancelling out the violent changes in vehicle direction and speed.  The body acts as a shock absorber not so much by responding to every change but by simply staying fluid and relaxed.  By allowing movement stillness is achieved.  Setting the cup in a strong, stable, fixed position spells disaster.  Even in the best of cup holders the hot bean-tea will be splashed about making a mess, burning occupants and worse, wasting coffee.  It is the motion that allows safety, and security does not come from strength or anchoring. 
                This of course got me thinking about what Bruce Lee referred to as the tree of martial arts.  The tree has leaves, all of which have value, but neither leaves nor branches should be regarded as the thing itself.  While each branch is an expression of the tree, the tree comes up from roots.  And these roots are of great concern to the martial artist.  You might call these Universal Principles.  The principles manifest in the many branches of study, with some branches becoming specialized in a certain expression.  A rooted understanding allows freedom and humility that benefits all who study.  One of these Universal Principles must certainly be; Mobility.
                By contemplating mobility at the root, trunk, branch, or leaf level we come to understand it more fully and see how mobility is an asset.  At the leaf level one might train how to get up from the ground.  Standing up in a scientific, protected, defendable, balanced way under duress is a technical endeavor.  It must be practiced.  Mobility might be related to footwork, how to move quickly into opportunity, or escape harm.  Mobility might be using a horse to cover ground or knowledge of the landscape.  For each principle that is an asset there is an equal and opposite effect which is limiting that asset for the enemy.  Limiting mobility is something to be considered and is exactly what my coffee taught me about today.
                By placing a lid on my coffee I was able to confine the mobility of the good stuff to a small outlet, the sipping hole, and put one finger on it as needed for my rough mountain roads.  Thus I could anchor the cup in the console and mostly free up that hand, except as needed, for other tasks.  All of the coffee was forced to enter a constricted space which made dealing with the entire mass possible with less resources (one finger).   
                With a bolt of light from cloudy skies over Cold Mountain I thought of Spartans holding the Hot Gates!  I remembered running a soccer ball up the field with players blocking each other from getting to me all at once.  I thought of the bathrooms at Cataloochee Ski Resort, one toilet available for a squad of would be squatters not so patiently praying profanities for the endurance to make it a few more minutes.  With this in mind a great drill came to mind and we tried it that very day.  It is well worth recreating if you have a class.  Slow sparring; grabs or strikes, grappled and attacks done safely against a defender or each other is a good way to analyze technique, build creativity, gain attributes and reinforce principles.  After warming up by making sure students know how to remain under control and respectful, allow a student to defend against multiple attackers in slow to medium motion.  Get them moving, protecting, aggressing, changing levels, and of course getting hit.  In our class we arranged large pads to make a corridor that simulates an entry way or hallway.  The attackers are coffee, the corridor is the spout!  Start in the middle of the room and notice how the fight feels; the overwhelming numbers, the chaos, the difficulty.  Have students work towards the entry way being especially destructive to anyone that might slip in before them.  Step over and on said persons making use of the step as a final crippling blow.  As the defender moves into the corridor the fight energy changes.  The effect of numbers begins to dwindle and incredible damage can be inflicted by a student now fighting against one single angle of attack.  In reality the horrible violence that occurs to the first few people into the corridor, who quickly become floor mats for their friends causing tripping and stumbling, a further decrease of mobility, has an effect on the mind of the mass. 
                Like the coffee, the multiple attackers while superior in strength and number, become manageable with less resources; even for a time, stoppable.  In effect this drill teaches an individual the value of limiting enemy mobility while maintaining personal mobility to some degree. Watch out for goat paths.  Being surrounded in a constricted position is a weak position.  Be aware that a closet may limit attacker effectiveness but also limits mobility.  The trade-off may be worth it for temporary survival; consider Helms Deep!  In general as mobility comes to a stop the battle quickly tips in favor of the more agile contender.  This is a Universal Principle and can be applied to tank warfare, naval strategy, small team tactics, the propagandist, nuclear arsenal survivability and individual combat. 
                Limiting mobility is not physical only.  I once handled a potentially dangerous situation by talking a group of attackers into one on one confrontation, starting with the tallest member – it was an offer he could not say no to.  It also stopped the group from killing me.  I was able to walk away from that episode because their numbers were blocked at a choke point; a psychological corridor, built by ego.
               Think how your martial art addresses mobility and honestly ask if you have emphasized it in some way as a study in itself.  Think of stances, evasions, and even body conditioning to keep you going as your opponent slows down.
                And next time you order your favorite beverage sit for a time and consider what wisdom it has to teach.  But don’t sit too long.  We are like a car; idleness is the enemy of our own flesh and blood.


New Class in Clyde NC

New Covenant Church in Clyde, Wednesday night 530pm, soon to move up to 5pm.  Donation based only! All ages

Friday, January 23, 2015

Be My Valentine

Valentines Couples Special

Self defense training, topics of choice, private lesson with your romantic partner.
$45 for two people, one hour course; learn partner drills and exercises that are fun, effective, keep you fit and flexible and build awareness, sensitivity to one's environment and the ability to deal with unexpected events.  (ends February 21)

Email for reservations

Thursday, January 22, 2015

General Update; Tabata, Camp, new classes, upcoming clinic

LOTSWild general update!

Probably the coolest recent development is in the form of Tabata, High intensity timing training, thanks to Rob Hunter - dad of a student, buff crossfit trainer and also world champion contender in full contact western weapons fighting (swords etc). We downloaded an iPhone app and have incorporated the 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off as an example, into our sparring practice. It has radically changed student excitement, focus, intensity and overall fun in class. It also allows us to keep resistance/contact training a regular part of almost every class now even if short duration. Sparring can be done; one handed, no hands, no feet, distance regulated, defending only, grappling, weapons, multiple people, and a thousand other variations.


New Class at New Covenant Church in Clyde NC went great last night, we had 10 or 11 students. This class is more focused on spiritual development and character. For example we are looking this week at 1 Timothy 4:8 "For bodily exercise has some value, but godliness has value in all things", and close each class with prayer for every student who has a need. AWESOME!

Black Mountain and regular Canton classes continue to integrate Tang Soo Do with spontaneous and creative responses using IMA compliance techniques. We are drilling gi and no-gi chokes, using flexible weapons and clothing to perform techniques, and then flowing into them from basic Tang Soo Do strikes and one steps. Thanks Jonathan Orbach for visiting this week and bring some of Master Travis Ginn s excellence to our school.

February 6-8 is CHOAS 2015, the rawest most intense survival training from multiple teachers, many disciplines, perspectives, and a hearty dose of FUN. Swannanoa, $160. Contact me for details or visit

Don't forget snowboarding - students get free gear rentals, and we have schoolwide passes available so you can go for FREE!

Most common questions searched about me

I can see what people type in search engines when then are directed to and find this website.  It's amazing what you all are looking for! To save you some time I'm going to answer a couple of them because, obviously, the questions continue to exist.

1.)  What is Spencer Bolejack's Net Worth?

LOL! Really?  Well, imagine you are a middle school teacher after almost a decade of trying to finish school.  Things are great, you buy a house, have a kid and then boom get laid off.  Since you are adept at survival you promote martial arts classes and buy bulk foods, don't have tv or cable, and put mental power into saving gas $, electricity, and recreational fun comes from playing outdoors as usual.  A TV show comes along, but being a smaller network, it's more of a wonderful bonus for the year rather than a retirement hope.  TV show helps boost knife sales and adds a couple of summer campers but in general life continues.  I play drums in a couple of bands, teach Martial Art 5 days a week, run a summer camp that is creative in covering bills and turning a small profit, and raise THREE KIDS! Whoever you are searching for my net worth best find something more exciting to go after in life.  I still live without TV, heat with wood, hunt, fish, and try to conserve so that I can spend what cash I do have on cool stuff.  Like motorcycles, a snowboard, and another trip to the Caribbean. 

2.)  Is Hillbilly Blood Fake?  Or, is Hillbilly Blood Real?

I have decided that a culture that has been raised on and sustained by television in general has lost some part of the brain that used to be a vital component of the human experience.  I guess if you've never been around productions you might not realize that there are cameras recording the whole thing, sound guys with microphones, lighting experts, producers, assistants running errands, and a slew of technical professionals who's job it is to make a show come together within budget, on time, and of adequate quality to air on a respected network.  All of these people have timelines and priorities, stay in a hotel nearby, and send footage to another small army who pieces it together, looking for problems to reshoot and making sure it all makes sense.  So no, Gene and I aren't secretly planning a scheme to hide underground when OUT OF NOWHERE pops a huge crew and cameras to film a day-in-the-life-of . . . 

That being said, the information presented, building projects, and tasks are very real.  Eugene and I put our heads together and plan, execute, often at great risk, the various things you see done on the show.  We are both professional, experienced, survivors who want to give the viewing audience both entertainment and also real life skills that we've learned through cuts, scrapes, burns, failure, family mentors, friends, books, travels, adventures, and so on.  Many of the shows are based on our real life events although I will say the real life version is often much more dramatic and exciting; just, there weren't any cameras around.  For example, you may have seen a vine raft constructed with a tarp used to cross a river.  Eugene has been intercepted off the US coast trying to sail to the Bimini islands in one of those, as well as attempting to cross one of the great lakes.  He regularly paddles around Fontana in such a vessel.  And you might see us walking through the mountains, surviving off the land for a couple of days.  Well, I did that once.  And the trip lasted 3 years all together.  You can't even imagine the events that took place during that time, and a show could hardly capture even a small part.  BUT, we can demonstrate some of the skills and knowledge, for REAL, and put it in a show that folks can enjoy and learn from.  It's always VERY HARD to pull off an episode within the time frame we are given, make things work, and power through injury, personal issues, sickness, and all the stuff that is TV.  In the end, it has been awesome.

OK that's enough for today, off to make knives, karate chop some kids, split firewood, and check on a solar panel -

Spencer 2 Dogs

Friday, January 16, 2015

CHAOS weekend training 6-8 February 2015

Kasumi Mountain Martial Arts has once again pulled together top teachers in their field for a rare training opportunity in western NC.

Drawing from top instructors and school owners, CHAOS 2015 is a three day event that will push your boundaries and give you experience and hard skills from perspectives you will not find anywhere else.

When we teach knots, we teach first aid, traps, cord making, primitive technology, fighting with flexible weapons, pain control and submissions with clothing and improvised tools with teachers who DO IT EVERYDAY.

When we teach first aid, we teach immediate treatment, stabilizing procedures from EMTs, anatomy for the fighter, personal repair and mitigation, prioritization and natural herbs and primitive knowledge.

When we teach tracking, we learn from professional search and rescue experts, we cover weather reading, basic survival and shelter, navigation, psychology, movement and night operations, and then YOU HAVE TO FIND SOMEONE.

Land of the Sky Wilderness School and Martial Arts is teaming up with Kasumi Mountain, Asheville Integrated Combatives, Sifu Larry Rice, RJ Burle, SRT professionals and more to create an immersive experience February 6, 7, 8.

Cost: $160 early, $180 week of
Where: The Farm, swannanoa NC east of Asheville
Who: Anyone who wants hands on training for the unexpected, fun, challenge, and great teachers/fellow students with high morale.  Older Teens and adults only
Experience: none to expert
What to bring: Breakfast and Dinner Provided.  Students will have basic gear requirements, see host site for more details.

A wonderful home, full of everything we need to live and be happy - if you know!

Last Year's Instructors

Saturday, January 3, 2015

5 angles, 15 parries - Stick fundamentals at LOTSWild

This video demonstrates 5 angles of simple attack, each representing a quarter of the target area and a centerline thrust. Next variations of the #5 thrust are shown.

Next, 15 parries for the 5 angles are shown singularly and as a form at speed. These 15 parries or blocks are defending against the 5 angles in consecutive order so three distances and angles are shown for each of the 5 attacks, 1-5 three times.

In reality the blocks are not blocks but are counter attacks with blunt weapons striking bone targets, and bladed weapons cutting flesh or muscle. It is important to train with speed and power while armored for safety to reinforce this principle.

The video then demonstrates blocks 1-15 with a katana using one handed method, which is a basis for developing two-sword technique and also hints at the universality of the blocking system shown. Both the attacking angles and defensive postures can be applied with any available object such as a handle, stick, umbrella, magazine, book, screw driver, pen, plastic bottle, hairbrush, electric cord, belt, knife, machete, drumsticks, etc.

Finally a katana sword (bokken) is held with two hands and the same 1-15 are performed.

Key principles are angles and distancing, footwork and moving off the centerline. While not comprehensive of all blocks in short stick work, these options give a serious student confidence in the ability to parry an attack from any angle at any distance and defend, counter, and close the gap with created openings. The live or checking hand must be in play!

These 15 blocks are our foundation bridging into stick jiu jutsu, pain compliance, fencing. Training should consist of slow feeding drills, slow precision drills, fast precision training on moving targets, full contact free fighting and sparring with and without armor for safety, as well as conditioning exercises hitting heavy bags, ropes, soft wood targets. With proper training, live speed attacks at random will manifest the appropriate parry without thought or hesitation. Thanks for watching.

For more information or to visit classes in western North Carolina contact Spencer 2 Dogs at Land of the Sky Wilderness School

Classes held in Canton NC, Black Mountain, and sometimes Asheville.

LOTSWild's Samurai Sword forms of Koizumi

Here are two treatments of the 7 sword sets of Koizumi and Sasamura styles practiced at my school. As we discover when practice with contact and speed against resisting partners, individual techniques, while important, diminish relative to general handling skills, speed and timing, general coordination and fluid movement. The 7 forms seen here are an encyclopedia of techniques when broken down into applications but I like to think of the sword sets as a handling exercise. The student must be constantly aware of the sword edge, various parry types, thrusts and evasions. Coupled with singular technical practice, slow speed training, and full speed weapon fighting the Koizumi family sword forms add greatly to our training at Land of the Sky Wilderness School. The forms presented are in no way perfect examples, but just a day practicing at the beach.

These forms are inherited from Grandmaster Brian Adams who learned them from Master Hasty, who learned them from Master Koizumi while on a trip in Europe some many decades ago. It is not a set you will find in commercial schools and keeps the alive the spirit of, "the best test is to try it out."