Saturday, January 3, 2015

5 angles, 15 parries - Stick fundamentals at LOTSWild

This video demonstrates 5 angles of simple attack, each representing a quarter of the target area and a centerline thrust. Next variations of the #5 thrust are shown.

Next, 15 parries for the 5 angles are shown singularly and as a form at speed. These 15 parries or blocks are defending against the 5 angles in consecutive order so three distances and angles are shown for each of the 5 attacks, 1-5 three times.

In reality the blocks are not blocks but are counter attacks with blunt weapons striking bone targets, and bladed weapons cutting flesh or muscle. It is important to train with speed and power while armored for safety to reinforce this principle.

The video then demonstrates blocks 1-15 with a katana using one handed method, which is a basis for developing two-sword technique and also hints at the universality of the blocking system shown. Both the attacking angles and defensive postures can be applied with any available object such as a handle, stick, umbrella, magazine, book, screw driver, pen, plastic bottle, hairbrush, electric cord, belt, knife, machete, drumsticks, etc.

Finally a katana sword (bokken) is held with two hands and the same 1-15 are performed.

Key principles are angles and distancing, footwork and moving off the centerline. While not comprehensive of all blocks in short stick work, these options give a serious student confidence in the ability to parry an attack from any angle at any distance and defend, counter, and close the gap with created openings. The live or checking hand must be in play!

These 15 blocks are our foundation bridging into stick jiu jutsu, pain compliance, fencing. Training should consist of slow feeding drills, slow precision drills, fast precision training on moving targets, full contact free fighting and sparring with and without armor for safety, as well as conditioning exercises hitting heavy bags, ropes, soft wood targets. With proper training, live speed attacks at random will manifest the appropriate parry without thought or hesitation. Thanks for watching.

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