Saturday, January 3, 2015

LOTSWild's Samurai Sword forms of Koizumi

Here are two treatments of the 7 sword sets of Koizumi and Sasamura styles practiced at my school. As we discover when practice with contact and speed against resisting partners, individual techniques, while important, diminish relative to general handling skills, speed and timing, general coordination and fluid movement. The 7 forms seen here are an encyclopedia of techniques when broken down into applications but I like to think of the sword sets as a handling exercise. The student must be constantly aware of the sword edge, various parry types, thrusts and evasions. Coupled with singular technical practice, slow speed training, and full speed weapon fighting the Koizumi family sword forms add greatly to our training at Land of the Sky Wilderness School. The forms presented are in no way perfect examples, but just a day practicing at the beach.

These forms are inherited from Grandmaster Brian Adams who learned them from Master Hasty, who learned them from Master Koizumi while on a trip in Europe some many decades ago. It is not a set you will find in commercial schools and keeps the alive the spirit of, "the best test is to try it out."