Thursday, January 22, 2015

Most common questions searched about me

I can see what people type in search engines when then are directed to and find this website.  It's amazing what you all are looking for! To save you some time I'm going to answer a couple of them because, obviously, the questions continue to exist.

1.)  What is Spencer Bolejack's Net Worth?

LOL! Really?  Well, imagine you are a middle school teacher after almost a decade of trying to finish school.  Things are great, you buy a house, have a kid and then boom get laid off.  Since you are adept at survival you promote martial arts classes and buy bulk foods, don't have tv or cable, and put mental power into saving gas $, electricity, and recreational fun comes from playing outdoors as usual.  A TV show comes along, but being a smaller network, it's more of a wonderful bonus for the year rather than a retirement hope.  TV show helps boost knife sales and adds a couple of summer campers but in general life continues.  I play drums in a couple of bands, teach Martial Art 5 days a week, run a summer camp that is creative in covering bills and turning a small profit, and raise THREE KIDS! Whoever you are searching for my net worth best find something more exciting to go after in life.  I still live without TV, heat with wood, hunt, fish, and try to conserve so that I can spend what cash I do have on cool stuff.  Like motorcycles, a snowboard, and another trip to the Caribbean. 

2.)  Is Hillbilly Blood Fake?  Or, is Hillbilly Blood Real?

I have decided that a culture that has been raised on and sustained by television in general has lost some part of the brain that used to be a vital component of the human experience.  I guess if you've never been around productions you might not realize that there are cameras recording the whole thing, sound guys with microphones, lighting experts, producers, assistants running errands, and a slew of technical professionals who's job it is to make a show come together within budget, on time, and of adequate quality to air on a respected network.  All of these people have timelines and priorities, stay in a hotel nearby, and send footage to another small army who pieces it together, looking for problems to reshoot and making sure it all makes sense.  So no, Gene and I aren't secretly planning a scheme to hide underground when OUT OF NOWHERE pops a huge crew and cameras to film a day-in-the-life-of . . . 

That being said, the information presented, building projects, and tasks are very real.  Eugene and I put our heads together and plan, execute, often at great risk, the various things you see done on the show.  We are both professional, experienced, survivors who want to give the viewing audience both entertainment and also real life skills that we've learned through cuts, scrapes, burns, failure, family mentors, friends, books, travels, adventures, and so on.  Many of the shows are based on our real life events although I will say the real life version is often much more dramatic and exciting; just, there weren't any cameras around.  For example, you may have seen a vine raft constructed with a tarp used to cross a river.  Eugene has been intercepted off the US coast trying to sail to the Bimini islands in one of those, as well as attempting to cross one of the great lakes.  He regularly paddles around Fontana in such a vessel.  And you might see us walking through the mountains, surviving off the land for a couple of days.  Well, I did that once.  And the trip lasted 3 years all together.  You can't even imagine the events that took place during that time, and a show could hardly capture even a small part.  BUT, we can demonstrate some of the skills and knowledge, for REAL, and put it in a show that folks can enjoy and learn from.  It's always VERY HARD to pull off an episode within the time frame we are given, make things work, and power through injury, personal issues, sickness, and all the stuff that is TV.  In the end, it has been awesome.

OK that's enough for today, off to make knives, karate chop some kids, split firewood, and check on a solar panel -

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