Friday, March 27, 2015

I feel safer now

I'm sorry folks but the entire graveyard fields area closed, and entire shining rock wilderness closed without commercial production grade bear proof camping gear, due to 'bear activity', with a $5-10,000 fine is TOTAL hogspit!  Now it just so happens that some of us camp like we are being chased by the VC so it doesn't really matter anyway, but in case you didn't know bears didn't just start breeding last week.  They've always gotten into food, hence the term bear bag.  I've ran into so many, and unless you've got baby bear in a choke hold they are ridiculously mellow creatures.  I've pushed it a few times, Bear couldn't care.  He hangs with the Honey Badger in that regard.  Add to that my mom, in Oakley, is covered up in bears every week and nothing is shut down there (of course), and I just gotta say - the park service must have been taken over by Real Professional Outdoors folks.