Friday, August 12, 2016

Letter from a momma! Ninja and Sail Camp 2016

3 years D**** has been coming out there to camp now! He's loving it and expressing his comfort there. I see he is receiving so much from these camp times- self awareness, opportunities to practice responsibility, plant knowledge, fire skills, fellowship, self confidence, the broadening of what he considers martial arts, now sailing skills! Thank you for all you do. You are obviously doing this for more than the $. May the gifts you share with these kids echo back with gifts for you. I also appreciate the time you spent with us before we left yesterday, talking over some of the things you see about D****, that would be helpful for him to gain awareness with. It can be good for kids to hear these things from people who are not just Mom and Dad.
I can't stop laughing about the whole string of events with the Russians. Maybe in Spencer world does this happen all the time, but I don't speak Russian, I don't often pick up Russians swimming to meet me while sailing by them on NC lakes, I don't often paddle off of my island campsite to visit other campsites with 100 Russians, sharing in their ceremonies, performing for them, or eat a lot of their food- which I think was D****'s favorite thing. I never know what takes are coming home from LOTS Wild. Thanks for taking D**** on that little side adventure.
Lift the sails! Tally Ho!

- RS
Sail Camp (Advanced: SEA) 2016