Please visit our Schedule page for actual times, locations, camps, and ongoing classes.

Sample of activities include; tracking, sailing - fast, water rescue, first aid, traps, plant ID, folk medicines, strikes, locks, navigation, orienteering, strength training, mechanics, gardening, healing arts, wet/cold/night/altitude exposure, gadgets, archery, blacksmithing, knife throwing, true shurikenjutsu, sling making-use, bark working, wood carving, knots and hitches, tipi construction, barn raising, animals - training and care, fire (smokeless, friction, ice, piston, glass, plastic, balloon, hand drill, can, sparks, battery, flint, one match, wind, wet, more), rope climb, stalking, hunting, skinning, clothes making, food/cooking, weather reading, rock climbing, river safety, swimming, rock craft, shugendo, fishing, Cherokee style blowguns - darts, hanbo, beekeeping, bamboo crafts, native lore, tree study, appalachian history, alternative power systems, marksmanship, teambuilding, arrow making, primitive dying, backpacking, psychology, tool sharpening, languages, escape techniques, gotonpo, storytelling, photography, herbs, knife making, bone craft, the honor of challenge, metal working, camo - patterns/types/uses, ceremony, history, music, endurance, solo wilderness preparation, spears, home security, goat wrasslin, community events, radios, tomahawks, sewing, handload centerfire cartridges, horse archery, scat, hojojutsu, shelters, bikepacking, simple games, metsubishi, and much much more!!!!!

Martial Arts Study
Korean Tang Soo Do; fitness, traditional forms, kicks, one steps, hand techniques,breaking and self defense.

Japanese Budo Taijutsu/Ninjutsu; 9 schools system, whole body movement, self defense, rolls, and tools.

IMA (Integrated Martial Arts); streamlined functional - non traditional system, jiu jitsu, escrima, filipino concepts, kenpo, universal weapons, jeet kune do, wrestling

Motorcycle Rental  We now offer a complete motorcycle package including gear choices for fishing, camping, photography, navigation, onboard music and communications, and backpacking. Cruise or sport touring - you show up we take care of the rest; 1-7 day rentals available.  Motorcycle permit required.  Dry garage, coffee maker, microwave, stereo with mp3 hookup, WiFi, all part of the plan!  Prices start at $50.

"I have only come here seeking knowledge,
things they would not teach me off in college." - Sting