Canton NC

Welcome to our Canton, North Carolina location.  The office serves as both a studio for local martial arts training and a headquarters for our outdoor school.  Situated across from Riverview Farm and Garden and just before the Pisgah Stadium and the middle school, our building is only 10 minutes from base camp.  We have a padded semi-solid floor, training tools, changing/bath room, and a great stereo!

10 Murphy Boulevard, Canton NC 28716

Sign up before the holidays and lock in a $65 / month training rate for any one style.  Packages are available with guaranteed skill development timetables - or it's on US!

Classes and times available are as follows;

Monday: 4pm, teen and adult
5pm skills and drills

available call for appointment

Tuesday and Thursday:
semi private lessons

Open 3pm - call for appointment
5pm - teen
6 - drills and skills
7 - adult


Private lessons 1pm
Group class with Grandmaster Brian Adams 2pm
weapons with Mr. Bolejack 3pm