LOTSWild staff love to visit schools, businesses, and organizations to teach and share.  Examples of opportunities include;

  • Your Dojo - style specific topics or general martial arts principles; host a clinic on a new topic to bring fresh material into your curriculum.  Sample subjects include; power kicking techniques of Korean styles, Filipino concepts, Escrima and Stick Jiu Jutsu, Jeet Kune Do, Chokes and Ground Work, Medical Implications with Brian Adams, and non-martial arts related studies on wilderness skills and peripherals. 
  • NEW! Virtual Mentoring program; live conversations and instruction via Skype in a variety of disciplines.  We will build a custom fitness and training program for YOU and be available for questions.  Two, one hour sessions monthly plus additional correspondence - $100 per month.
  • Boy Scouts - merit badges and special topics study
  • Home School - group visits, clinics, on any of our acitivity list including NC/American History and tutoring, writing, from a licensed NC teacher.
  • Public Schools - NCDPI curriculum relevant history and practice for hands on learning or presentation in YOUR school!  Core areas include early NC history/coastal study, civil war period, frontier exploration, native American language and skills, and more.
  • Business - teambuilding and defensive training for employees, executive teamwork and adventure trips
  • Law Enforcement - Retention, pain compliance, baton and control techniques.  Also special topic study such as tracking, teambuilding, or emergency preparedness reinforcement with Spencer.  Grandmaster Brian Adams has been instructing police for over 35 years and has been featured at Frontsite Training Institute.
  • Military - Services supporting national guard, local reserve units; recruiter teambuilding, small group problem solving, field skills.
  • Family - Personal consultation on home/community preparedness, first aid, or any of our listed topics of study on site of your choosing.

Call 828-280-0847 or visit the contact page to ask questions or secure a date for your own LOTS Outreach event.