Many people attend LOTS classes to achieve a high level of proficiency in survival techniques, outdoor knowledge, martial art, or living Appalachian history. Our goal as a school is something deeper, and a little more sublime!

Our mission is building a relationship with and appreciation of the natural world through hands on learning. In addition, students build social skills through teamwork practice and peer teaching.  Traditional martial arts practice develops respect, discipline, courage and perseverance.

If someone built a fire by friction and asked, "So did I get what you wanted to teach me?" I'd say maybe. But if someone took a few extra minutes by the river to listen to the insects, laid in the rain to feel the cold seep in and pass through them, decided to live each moment fully and in deep gratitude for their family, friends, and our planet, or dedicated their life to teaching about and preserving our greatest natural resources, I'd say "Right on!" 

- Spencer