Martial Arts in Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic - XL-City Camp 2015!
Systema teacher Bill Parravano teaches students how to protect against and heal knee injuries. Ninja Camp 2015

Master's Class 2013 - San Diego, California

2012 LOTSWild Year in Review Video

For a comprehensive gallery of photos see our activities page and click anything you think sounds interesting. Below are just a few teachers, groups, and images that represent our background and teaching - content and methods! 
Sail Camp 2012

Black Mountain promotional testing December 2011

SC2011, week two video

The complete 2011 Gallery including all Scout Camp basic, advanced, and ninja are available here

"Best Of LOTSWild 2010 Photos" Original music video and pic's by Spencer;

North Carolina mountain sky

Scout basics

John Cook performs Eedan Yup Chagi

Scout basics

Spencer and 'Papa-San' Ed Martin, 15th dan, taken at LOTS base camp 2006

Spencer and Moti Nativ, 15th dan - 2008

complete Moti gallery, Taijutsu / Krav Maga training;

Know it like a brother . . . our mountain home!

Scout Camp, Advanced 2007

Video of advanced scout camp 2009, original music by Spencer and photographs

Live in the wild and you'll not mind a Copperhead visitor, mmmm

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On a ride with Eustace

Building the legendary Turtle Island Barn, 1998
for more awesome, historical turtle island photos check out Spencer's TI galleries here;

Master Travis Ginn and Grandmaster Chuck Blackburn, 8th dan SMAA

Caleb focuses on his goal

Long Hunter "White Wolf" Don Bruton and Spencer, good friends