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Ongoing Year-round Classes

Ongoing Class (martial arts)

Canton  Monday 4-7 Kids, Kenpo, IMA
Thursday private lessons
 Friday 4-7, Kenpo Karate, workout, IMA and weapons
Saturday rest
Sunday 2-3:30 MMA by appointment

Black Mountain Wednesday 5-7 pm

call 828-280-0847 for more info on any class

this schedule is still a little flexible, please check back and communicate with us!

2019 EVENT Dates - After May 1st price is $435  Many Camps Fill Quickly - $150 deposit holds space.  Mail check and registration to LOTSWild, 10 Murphy Blvd, Canton NC 28716.
"Youth" ages include 11-20.  Adult is over 20.

Packing list and forms available at the SCOUT CAMP INFO PAGE, click to go.

*note - graduation from basic scout or ninja camps required for Advanced Programs*


March  - Organic Growers Conference, UNC-Asheville Spencer will be offering a class

April 21 King's Mountain, NC Stop by for teaching and demonstration for Earth Day !

April  Heritage Life Skills Festival: Waynesville, NC - Local weekend event, vendors, booths, music, full spectrum survival instruction on dozens and dozens of topics visit Carolina Readiness Supply for information.

June  Ninja Camp 1: Ninja camp is similar to Scout Camp but has more martial arts training integrated into the class format and schedule.  Students take a look at the traditional 18 skills of the Ninja, in particular as they have been expressed by Appalachian Natives for the past few centuries.  Stealth, plants, bows, crafts, tracking, hunting, games, swimming, night exercises, teamwork and more make Ninja Camp a favorite every year.

Wilderness awareness, survival, and training.  Basic camps cover first aid, knife skills, navigation, tracking, plants and trees identifcation and use, animal study, local lore and heritage, guest teachers and more.  Ages 8-20 Co-ed

June  Firefly Gathering  4 Days of classes with the regions top instructors and guides on everything you ever wanted to know about primitive skills, homesteading, natural living, and patchouli.  Visit for more information!  Spencer will be teaching all four days stop in and say hi.

July  Adult Survival  Come spend a few days at base camp learning deeper knowledge on fire making, water training, home made medicine, tool crafting, teamwork, silent wilderness time, tracking, and night fires with music!  Any age over 18 welcome, Co-Ed.  Bring gear to camp.  Price $350 or $550 for a couple, food included.

July : Ninja Camp 2  Daily exercise and fitness, airsoft battles, agility and self defense.  Director Spencer 2 Dogs is licensed in Bujinkan Taijutsu / Ninjutsu through Hombu Dojo, Japan, and offers authentic mountain training in both the Eastern and Native American approach to observation skills, stealth, survival.  Few instructors have lived in the woods for years at a time with no electricity or outside support.  Spencer has.  Come learn the game!  Ages 11-20 recommended.

July : TWO WEEK flagship program. Combined Sail Camp and Advanced Wilderness session  Students learn wilderness knowledge, camp craft, Appalachian folk lore and history, while traveling around NC's most beautiful lakes and sounds by motorless craft including kayaks and a Hobie Catamaran.  Swimming skills recommended.  Prepare to camp.  Classes include local points of interest, history, and exploration.  Advanced Wilderness Course (SCII).  All ages, fundamental outdoor skill sets, practice in the wild.  Spend days out in the mountains with light gear, plants, trees, animals, building, fires, tracking, hunting, map reading, first aid, teamwork, endurance.  Students must graduate basic courses and be approved to attend SCII.  $1,000

August : Camp Sparta; Adults welcome. early mornings, hard work, intense training, wilderness time.  You will hurt.  All styles and experience welcome.  Consistent repetitive training to exhaustion in Jiu Jutsu, IMA, Kenpo, escrima filipino, contact stick fighting, judo. Awesome boost to your understanding of martial arts.  Authentic mountain time, waterfalls, morning breathing, stretches, come experience our Cold Mountain Ninja Ways!

August - September : Chesterfield County Fair, Richmond Virginia area  Spencer will have a semi permanent teaching set up going for this event, excellent living history experts showcasing an earlier time, teaching great skills

September : Field Day of the Past Richmond VA, HUGE EPIC MASSIVE EVENT, rides, food, tractor pulls, and lots of historical exhibits, animals, trucks, more

October  - Fire Essentials

October  - Archery and Bowhunting

October - Disabled Persons / Adaptive / Modified Survival Skills!

Last Saturday in October - Largest living history festival in the U.S. Hart's Square.  Spencer 2 Dogs will be presenting Native/Cherokee lore and skills alongside 275 expert re-enactors from 1800's Appalachia.  The 3,000 available tickets usually sell out within a few days.  For info contact the Catawba Historical Association here;   

September/October/November - Solo bowhunting, whitetail guide service and instruction.  Begin your session on our 3d course and get out into the field for a live hunt. LOTSWild is a licensed and registered company with the U.S. Forest Service for operation on National Forest land.

December - 'Winter Wilderness Photography'.  Learn the fine art of winter survival while taking beautiful photos, sharing warm fires, avoiding people, seeing lots of animals, and not worrying about snakes and spiders.  This time of year wolf sighting/hearings are more common in our neck of the woods.  Great tracking experience!  Contact us for more info.


Choose Your Own Adventure
Don't see a date you can do? Want to develop specific skills and take a series of requested classes? Have a few special friends or family members you'd like to share the adventure with? With 3 or more teammates you can co-design a custom event for 1, 3, or 5 days with Spencer and see the mountains like you never have before. Contact us for more information.

PRICING - for courses, clinics, or seminars see class description, above, or contact us. 

CUSTOM EVENTS, courses and GUIDE service; 3 person minimum, price per person

5 day -  $550
3 day - $350 (9am - 5pm last day)
2 day - $225
1 day - $140 (9am - 6pm, lunch included)
1/2 day (2 classes) - $60
1 class (2 hours) - $45
Private lesson - $40/hour

OR FLAT FEE of $1,000 minimum for weekend course regardless of number of persons, plus travel expenses

Here's how the process works; you decide how many days you want, find some folks to join in, and send us the following 1.) dates requested with a back up plan in case we're booked 2.) List of favorite skills/classes in order of preference and any over riding themes or interests.  Keep in mind "Backpacking / river trip / unknown trails / hidden waterfalls" all count too.
I will send you back the class schedule, dates, & registration - you approve, mail back registration form with payment and we're off!

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