LOTSWild features a 3.5 acre learning center/base camp surrounded by some of the region's most remote wilderness.  School resources that accelerate student learning include;

 - a 9 shot Bow Confidence Course to sharpen hunting/shooting skills while traversing a creek valley.  Targets vary angle, position, foliage, and distances from 10 to 40 yards.
- blacksmith forge in our hidden cove next to waterfalls and trails for constructing and repairing objects using heat and metal.
- established plants/garden areas for medicinal study and edible use!
- Olympic style free weight bench and squatting system along with a machine resistance unit.
- full featured Dojo with state of the art flooring, training weapons, ground mats and mirrors for practicing indoor technique.
- an extensive three-wall library stocked with thousands of titles on plants, native lore, martial arts, history, philosophy, healing, and much more!
- outdoor stations including heavy bags, makiwara posts, and a knife and tomahawk throwing range where you can chuck 'em out to 40 feet!
- a complete quarter master's area stocked with everything you might need from communication and navigation aids to packs, knives, tarps, and extra rope.
- media center with studio quality equipment for music related camps and DVD/movie review.
- wood carving station with traditional Appalachian tools including draw knives/shaving horse and chisels, adzes, gouges, and files.
- great teachers, neighbors, and friends!


Land of the Sky Wilderness School is a complete outfitter helping equip kids and adults who attend programs but may not have the needed gear for an outdoor experience.  Many of our items come from donations, old things discarded from individuals or larger camps in the area.  We regularly have a need for items and appreciate your consideration in making any donations to help keep the Quartermaster up to par. Things we can always use;

Chicken Wire
Outdoor cooking eq
Boats/small craft/kayak/canoe
non perishable foods
tin roofing material, any condition
your help!