The Appalachian Ninja, Volume 1, is a dense treasure trove of information on survival, awareness, edible and medicinal plants complete with color photo gallery, tracking, escape and evasion, meteorology, leadership and strategy and much more.  For a signed copy paypal Spencer $28 to email address; INCLUDE your mailing address.


To help streamline the knife ordering process I've created a webpage JUST FOR KNIVES!
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To Order email Spencer at with KNIFE in the subject line, be patient please! Thank you!  Checks made out to lotswild, or paypal or credit card over the phone for a small fee %.


Spencer Two Dogs is an avid performer and recording artist who captures his love and passion for the outdoors and puts it into song! Check out the following albums for online order.  Or CLICK HERE to listen to a variety of works free on youtube.

Brother Wolf; mountain folk, rock, guitar solos and vocals by Spencer.  Lyrics about mountain living, travels, good friends, and an old moonshiner.  All instruments and writing by Spencer except for the awesome guest fiddle player Kaitlin Durham.

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"Reservations Behind" is a native inspired folk rock and mountain collection of original RADness, featuring full drum kit, guitars (acoustic and electric), cane flute, and violin by Kaitlin Durham.

flute-only sample

Pieces and Parts; no, not a chicken nugget - this collection is just that, a collection of project songs, parts of songs, and singles that folks liked and requested.  The songs are equally instrumental and vocal, electronic and acoustic, all have a spacey, ethereal feel that makes for good listening on a rainy afternoon.  This album includes tracks (click to listen) "Crossroad", "Say Goodbye", and "Thinking of You".

Pieces and Parts on Amazon CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE.  This album is also available on iTunes, just search for artist name or title.

Invisible Cities is an electronic based CD recorded in the late 90's and played live on the ASU radio station.  Ambient, house, trance and instrumental themes fill the full length of the CD.  It was recently rescued from the sole surviving cassette tape and made available for sale.  Some free samples available at WINDRIDER707.
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Are you a middle school teacher looking for examples of award winning lesson plans and teaching techniques from around the nation? Spencer has two lessons published in the Best Practices text available here -